San Francisco - March 2015
Sunday March 22 – Arrive, Dinner on own
Monday March 23 – Breakfast on own

Opening Session: Purpose and goals of OPERA

Moderator: Craig Pennell, President of PREBIC and WUN Representative from the University of Western Australia
08:00 – Welcome
  • Craig E. Pennell, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
08:10 – History and goals of OPERA

08:25 – Value of early risk assessment and intervention for diminishing adverse pregnancy outcomes
08:50 – Identifying vulnerable populations at risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes
  • Joe Leigh Simpson, MD, March of Dimes Foundation, White Plains, New York, USA
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09:15 – Coffee Break

Session II. Populations of vulnerable women

Moderator: Michael Katz, March of Dimes Foundation, White Plains, New York, USA
09:35 – Victims of natural disasters
10:00 – Refugees and victims of violence
  • Amelia Reese Masterson, International Medical Corps, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Jinan Usta, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
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10:25 – Excesses of modern societies
  • Jane E. Norman, University of Edinburgh, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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10:50 – Marginalized populations in developed countries
11:15 – Roundtable discussion
  • Discussants: Edouard Tursan D’Espaignet, Giancarlo DiRenzo, Adrienne Ettinger, Joe Leigh Simpson

12:00 – Lunch (provided)

Session III. Mechanisms of adverse pregnancy outcomes in vulnerable populations

Moderator: Jane E. Norman, University of Edinburgh, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
13:00 – Stress and allostatic load
13:20 – Inflammation and infectious diseases
13:40 – Genetic and epigenetic mediators
  • Richard Saffery, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
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14:00 – The environment and assessment of the exposome
  • Philip Baker, Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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14: 20 – Roundtable discussion
  • Discussants: Calvin Hobel, Ram Menon, Craig Pennell, Sven Skulstad, Nanbert Zhong

14:55 – Coffee Break

Session IV. Approaches to risk assessment: existing, emerging and future tools

Moderator: Philip Baker, Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development, University of Auckland Auckland, New Zealand
15:15 – Screening for pre-eclampsia.
15:40 – Early prediction of gestational diabetes
16:05 – Predicting preterm delivery in Zambia
  • Jeff Stringer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. USA
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16:30 – Roundtable discussion
  • Discussants: Jennifer Culhane, Dawn Misra, Richard Saffery, Satoru Takeda, Felipe Vadillo-Ortega, Barbara Verstraeten, Jimmy Walker
18:30 – Reception
19:00 – Banquet: Urban Tavern (see hotel map)

Tuesday March 24
Breakfast on own

Session V. Existing studies to predict adverse pregnancy outcomes

Moderator: Ram Menon, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA
08:00 – Brazilian multicentre study on preterm birth (EMIP)
08:25 – Korean cohorts studying air pollution and adverse pregnancy outcomes
  • Young-Ju Kim, MD, Ewha Womans’ University MokDong Hospital, Ewha Womans’ University, Seoul, Korea
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08:50 – Megacities and urban development
  • Felipe Vadillo-Ortego, UNAM at the National Institute of Genomic Medicine, Mexico City, Mexico
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9:15 – Roundtable discussion
  • Discussants: Phil Baker, Laura Caulfield, Lara Morley, Anisur Rahman, Nigel Simpson, Jeff Stringer, Satoru Takeda,
9:50 – Coffee Break

Session VI. Interventions to mitigate adverse pregnancy outcomes

Moderator: James Walker, Leeds University, Leeds, United Kingdom
10:10 – Achieving participation by women at risk
  • Jennifer Culhane, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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10:35 – Nutritional interventions
11:00 – Tobacco-free environment for healthier outcomes
  • Dr Edouard Tursan D’Espaignet, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
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11:25 – Roundtable discussion
  • Discussants: Rhonda Bell, Laura Costa, Jane Hirst, Young Ju Kim, Amelia Reese Masterson, Claire Roberts, Jinan Usta
12:00 – Lunch (provided)

Session VII. OPERA going forward (how we turn discussion into action)

Moderator: Sarah Robertson, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia
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13:00 – Roundtable discussion
  • Discussants: Edouard Tursan D’Espaignet, Jane Norman, Craig Pennell, Katharina Staub, Jimmy Walker
13:50 – Concluding Remarks: David Olson, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
14:00 – Adjournment