Jane Hirst

Jane Hirst, MBBS, PhD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Dr Jane Hirst is an Australian trained obstetrician from the University of Sydney. Since 2013 she has been based at the University of Oxford where she holds a Nuffield Medical Fellowship. Her research is on global perinatal health, considering the effects of social, economic, medical and nutritional influences on fetal growth and development as well as investigating novel approaches to improve health care delivery. She has been appointed the Robert Turner Research Associate, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford and is the UK PI for the global INTERBIO-21st Study.

Her PhD investigated the prevalence and perinatal outcomes associated with gestational diabetes mellitus in Ho Chi Minh City and Asia, considering the effects on health systems as well as the consequences for women and their babies in resource limited settings. She is currently conducting a randomised controlled trial investigating the use of a smart phone based blood glucose management system for women with GDM in the UK. This technology was awarded Best Digital Initiative at the 2014 UK Diabetes Quality in Healthcare Awards. She has been appointed as Senior Lecturer in International Maternal and Child Health at the University of Sydney.