Jennifer Culhane

Jennifer Culhane, PhD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Culhane is a Senior Investigator at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her work focuses on identifying factors contributing to racial/ethnic differences in reproductive and infant health outcomes. In collaboration with investigators from multiple disciplines, she has explored the association between psychosocial stress, health behaviors, socioeconomic status, neighborhood context, discrimination and pre-pregnancy maternal health in contributing to these disparities. In addition, Dr. Culhane has studied the biological mediators of these exposures specifically examining endocrine and immune system disregulations associated with risk of preterm birth. Dr. Culhane has employed a wide array of study designs including observational prospective, randomized clinical trials and in-depth ethnography. As a result, Dr. Culhane has extensive experience developing and perfecting strategies to maintain cohorts in urban, minority populations.